Holy Hills of the Ozarks Religion and Tourism in Branson

Holy Hills of the Ozarks Religion and Tourism in Branson Missouri Lived Religions Over the past century Branson Missouri has attracted tens of millions of tourists Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains it offers a rare and refreshing combination of natural beauty and family friendly recreation from scenic lakes and rolling hills to theme parks and variety shows It has boasted of big name celebrities like Wayne Newton Andy Williams and Petula Clark as well as family entertainers like Mickey Gilley the Shanghai Magic Troupe Jim Stafford and Yakov SmirnoffBut there is to Branson's fame than just recreation As Aaron K Ketchell discovers a popular variant of Christianity underscores all Branson's tourist attractions and fortifies every consumer success In this lively and engaging study Ketchell explores Branson's uniue blend of religion and recreation He explains how the city became a mecca of conservative Christianity a place for a spiritual vacation and how through conscious effort its residents and businesses continuously reinforce its inextricable connection with the divineKetchell combines the study of lived religion popular culture evangelicalism and contemporary American history to present an accurate and honest account of a distinctly American phenomenon

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