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Finnikin of the Rock Unreadable I hated Evanjalin I should have known from the spelling of her named The POV and storyline kept jumping back and forth and gave me a headache We're also supposed to care about the entire history from the day of creation of this world and all of its nation it seems Too much world creation crammed into a lacking plot and failed to capture my attentionAnd Froi I'm supposed to feel empathy for and look forward to reading the next book about a boy that tried to rape the female protagonist No Just no As seen on The ReadventurerMy second reading of Finnikin of the Rock and I am changing my mind 5 starsNow when I have fantasy under my belt to compare this book to I am pretty confident it offers something that many others in the genre don't This is a fantasy that is not drowned in clunky 1000 pages long world building this is a book about people People whose country is torn into pieces people exiled from their homeland lost damaged abused men women and children As a story of a displaced broken nation that fights to rebuild itself Finnikin of the Rock is almost without a flaw But of course there is to love All the nuances of the narrative plot lines that make Melina's works so rich there is a love story in which a couple struggle for the upper hand in their young relationship; there are scenes of friendship and loyalty; there are intricacies of the relationships between fathers and sons respect pride and competitiveness all tangled; there is a heartbreak of a love once powerful but now sullied by years of violence and abuse; there is an enemy despicable and crass but now not reformed but changed; there are strong men and there are even stronger women It's hard to list it all but Melina writes everything with such power managing to break your heart with a sentence a word a glanceI still think the pacing could have been better though The climax the high point of the story is simply too short too understated There is not enough feeling of a lot being at stake it lacks danger and excitement However there are so many other things about Finnikin of the Rock I loved that I am happy to overlook the obvious flaws to stick to my 5 stars and to wait for Froi of the Exiles with eager anticipation Finnikin of the Rock and his guardian Sir Topher have not been home to their beloved Lumatere for ten years Not since the dark days when the royal family was murdered and the kingdom put under a terrible curse But then Finnikin is summoned to meet Evanjalin a young woman with an incredible claim the heir to the throne of Lumatere Prince Balthazar is aliveEvanjalin is determined to return home and she is the only one who can lead them to the heir As they journey together Finnikin is affected by her arrogance and her hope He begins to believe he will see his childhood friend Prince Balthazar again And that their cursed people will be able to enter Lumatere and be reunited with those trapped inside He even believes he will find his imprisoned fatherBut Evanjalin is not what she seems And the truth will test not only Finnikin's faith in her but in himself You know I wish Melina Marchetta would be considerate of my mind it's exhausting having it blown all the time I think this is the point where Marchetta and I go our separate ways I read Saving Francesca and didn't enjoy it and thought maybe it was just my aversion to realisticcontemporary fiction that was keeping me from riding the Marchetta love train After this second attempt I think she's just not for me There isn't one thing I can point out that makes me say this is why I don't like her books but there are numerous problems I can draw attention toMy biggest gripe is that the plot hinges on assumptions made by numerous characters What I mean by this is if Evanjalin had revealed her secret early on then a lot of the problems that cropped up wouldn't have manifested Although Marchetta does address this by having one of the characters point out to Finnikin that if he knew the truth then he wouldn’t have made the right choices So we have assumptions on top of assumptions now Evanjalin constantly keeps secrets from them both big and small ones She puts everyone on a need to know basis and makes their journey harder by doing so I can’t even count how many times I wanted to shake her and tell her just to be straight with them It was beyond frustratingAnd THEN when her secret is revealed everyone treats Evanjalin like she’s a saint and did no wrong doing; suddenly she's up on this pedestal and can't be touched This felt so manufactured and inorganic Everyone acts differently and practically out of character from how they were just a few chapters ago I can understand some of this to a point but the complete 180 everyone did just didn't sit well with me Surprisingly Finnikin was the only one who still acted marginally the sameEvanjalin manipulates everyone and everything around her without any regret She is largely of the mind that the ends justify the means and does whatever the hell she wants Evanjalin knows best and everyone else can just suck it I understand she went through than any person should have to endure but her actions and her attitude throughout the book did not endear me to her I liked Finnikin until he decided that he was in love with Evanjalin; which was yet another thing that didn’t occur naturally Evanjalin lies manipulates and somewhat betrays everyone in her traveling party even Finnikin and everyone just accepts this and falls in love with her It's so mind boggling Then we have Froi I will never get over what he did and I honestly don't understand why Marchetta had his character do what he did because it didn't fit with the image she created of him for the rest of the book You want me to like him Well don’t make him view spoilerattempt to rape the main character hide spoiler Whenever I write a review of a Melina Marchetta book I risk sounding like the same old broken record but whatever it's not my fault if she constantly manages to deliver the stuff I love I'm not sure what'll happen if I ever dislike one of her novels probably the sky will fall in and the world will end Don't you know what to expect from Marchetta by now If not then I'll fill you in briefly interesting memorable and the very opposite of cliched characters flawless writing a plot that is gripping even though it isn't about supernatural creatures taking over the world yet but I'm actually curious to see how she'd handle that genre I feel confident enough to say that she is one of the very best modern writers in any genreOkay so FinnikinLet's just say that this year well the past few months has completely changed the way I view traditional fantasy The kind with made up worlds and magical realms that sort of thing In the past I just haven't cared The Lord of the Rings Wake me up when it's over Kushiel's Dart A steaming pile of WTF I was actually afraid to start this book a few months ago because I didn't want to face the disappointment of reading a Marchetta book that did nothing for me But then my opinion was forever changed by Megan Whalen Turner and her wonderful ueen's Thief series This sudden change in my opinion of the fantasy genre was only solidified by reading Finnikin of the RockIt's difficult to pick a favourite character when they are all so well developed and also difficult to pick a favourite part of the novel when it's full of some of the best written action adventure and romance scenes The women kick ass and even the toughest of men have their weaknesses that only serve to endear us to them I've said it before and I'm sure I'll be saying it again Melina Marchetta never ever wastes characters They are all important to the novel nobody is a throwawayThere is no such thing as a perfect novel and certain parts could have been slightly improved like the climax but this is about as close as it gets I'm even of a Marchetta fan after reading this than I was before Now I just have to sit and sulk until I get my hands on Froi of the Exiles This is not a review This is a badly written poem “Then I choose to drown” Finnikin said “In hope Rather than float into nothing” Since I was a nipper I have come to the conclusionThat when it comes to fantasy I am strongly opposed When I read a book with long confusing namesAnd swords and maps its pages remain closed So imagine my surprise when I finished this oneIn the early hours of this morning I feel I should noteThat my stomach was rumbling I had no time to eatAnd my heart was in my throatA tale of hopeful heroes sacrifice and lossHistory homeland and prophecies told Of faraway lands identity and faithAnd love and flower fields of goldI learnt a lot from the tale of Finn and his friendsLike how to remain fierce in a threadbare smockAnd how to fight thieves and how to hold a swordFYI Similar to how you’d hold acoughMM’s heroes are not made of puppy dog tailsAnd they don’t mope around being rudeIt appears you can be a great character and get the girlWithout being in a permanent mood They are complex compelling and always sexy braveAnd they treat their chosen one like an eual except WillFrom Jonah to Mackee to good old Trevanion FinnOn Froi the jury is out ‘til the seuel But this book isn’t about the boys for the ladies are the ones to watchWith their passion and love and their unrelenting loyaltyAnd determination to show they will fight for what’s rightFrom the goddesses to the lost ones and of course the royalty But it’s easy to see from my other reviews that I am smittenWith every single book that Ms Marchetta has written And it’s safe to say that if her next book was aboutBroody boys who are mean and think it’s sexy to shoutOr crying girls and fairies and triangles of loveVampires and angling or all of the aboveEven if it was called “ The Mating Habits of Eels” Or “ Puppies Aren’t Just For Christmas 100 Delicious Meals”I’d still read it and laugh and swoon and cry And then place a copy in the hands of my friends and say“ You need to give this a try” I received a copy of this book from the author Yeah thank you very much Melina Marchetta for the biggest lump in my throat for hours on end reading this People say the word 'slow burn' This wasn't particularly slow but by god it BURNED It burned badI was not prepared for the overwhelming emotions I'd feel for the characters this Kingdom Despite glowing reviews from many trusted gr friends somehow I still underestimated the effect this book would have on me Maybe it had to do with the fact I'd never read anything by her before but either way I was floored So much courage so much love Such hope and unity Lumaterans were scattered They were destitute They were exiles Yet there was always this sense of togetherness belongingnessAnd gosh it was fucking magicalI needed to conciously holding back my tears when view spoilerFroi relay Evanjalin's supposed last wish to Finnikin hide spoiler Trying to rate this book has me pulling at my hair It’s hard So hard Why is it such a difficult thing It was fascinating realistic and definitely well writtenBut before I could find it fascinating realistic and well written I had to read around one hundred so very slow pages I think it’s amazing when a book suddenly gets better as if some spell had been cast on us to finally see the magic of it And on the twin bright side I do have as feeling that I won’t have the same experience with the next two books in the seriesThe real problem is that it took me a long time to see the characters as real people Before the hundredth page they were just lovely original names on paper nothing They don’t share much about themselves and so it was hard for me to find anything we have in common But I eventually did As the story progresses we meet characters who are either important to the plot or are connected somehow to the main ones Sometimes both These connections make Finnikin Sir Topher and Evanjalin open up on their pasts life experiences and fears I felt somewhat out of breath when I turned the last pages; I’m not going to lie Not because it’s rather super slow paced and there’s uite a lot of walking done by the characters they should learn to run sometime but because there’s so much heartache so much sadness so much struggling to do the right thing It’s exhausting at some point But oh so very admirable and beautiful in a way I commend anyone who has read this book It isn’t easy It’s like reading five books in one I can only imagine how much time and effort the author has put in it I commend her too Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ Whew So much WIN I can hardly stand it^o^Girls rule and boys droolOh my sweet just gimme the next book nowFirst a cavet This review will probably be the most unhelpful review you might ever read because nothing I say will do the book justice I'll just use this space to ramble and hopefully it makes some sort of coherencyI remember the first time I heard about Melina Marchetta and her special fragrance of awesome she regularly emits whenever she publishes a novel I had seen reviews of On the Jellice Road Saving Francesca and The Piper's Son popping up left and right in my GoodReads feed all proclaiming that this woman was the cat's meow But still I resisted the urge to hop on the Marchetta bandwagon for whatever reason I was the Grinch sitting comfortably on my hill watching all the citizens of Whoville fangirl Yup that's me Especially when writing a 1 star reviewFinally my co blogger Kat Kennedy shook me fiercely and demanded I get off my ass and head to my local library Naturally I did exactly as she said because when the Boss Lady gets bitchy you don't ask uestions Unless of course you don't happen to favor your head shrug Your choice Always your choiceSo I stared at the book when I got home and silently told myself This better be good or I'm going to troll the shit outta Kennedy's review It wasn't a threat it was a promiseAt about 15% into the book I completely forgot about my vow to make her previous trolls look like cute bunniesAt about 25% in even though I checked the book out from the library I purchased the Kindle edition for my iPad so I could read late into the night while my household sleptAt about 35% in anyone who attempted to talk with me while I was glued to the book was met with silence or a growl My husband made the snide remark that the iPad would be permanently affixed to my forehead if I remained in that ridiculous reading position This is actually a real photo taken by my hus­band for mock­ery at a later date Don’t worry Vengeance will be mineAt about 40% in while at the bookstore I raged because they didn't have Finnikin in stock What the hell was their problem anywaySomewhere between 50 100% my husband began to worry I would run away to Australia and proclaim my love to Melina Merchetta I won't pretend the thought didn't cross my mindIts been uite a long time since I added a book to my All Time Favorites shelf and out of all the books that reside there none ever truly came close to competing with my number one favorite Harry Potter Until now Oh my god this book was amazingMelina Merchetta you humble me This is one of the best books I have ever read The rich world building The realistic characters The heartbreaking romance You created a world I never wanted to leaveAuthors please take note THIS is how you create a believable world societies and cultures THIS is how you write a strong female character THIS is how you show the unfair treatment of women in a society having a heroine rise above and yet your book still proudly waves its feminist flag THIS is how you create memorable minor characters THIS is how you write from a male point of view without him sounding like a wannabe THIS is how you write an epic bookBadass Marchetta BadassA piece of advice from the hard to please Grinch of Book land Read this book It is amazing fantastic brilliant and everything in between When US readers get their hands on Froi of the Exiles and later this year uintana of the Charyn for those lucky Aussies I'm sure GoodReads will resemble nothing short of gnats flying into the bright blue light And I will be proudly be one of themclears throat Now if you'll excuse me I have a plane to catchSo yes this review was probably not helpful but I hear there is a giveaway for a signed copy of Froi of the Exiles up on Cuddlebuggery