The Peopling of Silicon Valley 1940 to the Present Day

The Peopling of Silicon Valley 1940 to the Present Day The Peopling of Silicon Valley 1940 to the Present Day An Oral History puts a human face on the Valley It does not pretend to be a history of the entire Valley during this period or of the technology industries for which the place is now famous This is a personal history of a cross section of the people who have settled here and of the place they call home with just enough of the technology story to make it interestingThe book encompasses the five major migrations to the Valley since World War II the GIs Lockheed the chip makers the minicomputer folks and the software and web developers Each is if not the dominant group at least a group representative of a particular period that lasted fifteen years or Each wave of people brought with it both increased economic prosperity and social change This is their story told as much as possible in their own wordsTim Stanley is the author of The Last of the Prune Pickers A Pre Silicon Valley Story a popular local history

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  1. C. Drying C. Drying says:

    ►WHY'D YOU READ THIS BOOK?I read this book because it is the follow up book to the author’s The Last of the Prune Pickers which I read a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed Plus since I was born and raised in Silicon Valley I knew this book would galvanize reminiscence ►WHAT DID YOU LIKE ABOUT THIS BOOK?After writing The Last of the Prune Pickers Stanley received a plethora of feedback that inspired him to compile this book of the many different personal accounts of experiences in Silicon Valley I enjoyed myself each time I recognized the mention of a street or store or some other landmark that I remembered It’s a great feeling to experience nostalgia and since I’m fast becoming an old timer I can say this book effectively triggered my wealth of memories Often I had to set the book down to let my memories pass throughNaturally while reading this book I felt the urge to tell some of my own history and so I will do so here without too much regret because what I’m about to write is similar to what you would read in this bookI’m a first generation American the very first American in my family as a matter of fact My parents emigrated from England to Canada and then to America My father worked at IBM and Mex and later started his own company Unfortunately the California lifestyle corrupted him as he became a womanizer and divorced my mother who had no work experience but fortunately ended up working in the assembly department for VeloBind in Sunnyvale Stanley’s book actually mentions how the lifestyle in California was looser than what most were used to coming into the area My mother then married my stepfather who was from France and worked at Lockheed as a machinist and then as a parts planner They called him Frenchie and he was a peculiar guy well let’s just say he was very French In Stanley’s book a former Lockheed employee named Al DeRidder tells the story of his work at Lockheed as a machinist and later a planner and I’m uite certain he must have known my stepfather who has since past awayOne landmark that wasn’t mentioned in the book and probably only briefly existed in history was the psychedelic painted incinerator smoke stack at Valley Fair and if anyone reads this review and remembers it please leave a note belowToday there aren’t too many native old timers; many left in the late 80s and 90s I can always tell the natives by the way they pronounce San Jose and Los Gatos To my delight Stanley actually mentions this shift in pronunciation and thereby validates what I had thought was my own exclusive observation The Peopling of Silicon Valley contains much than just personal accounts of life in Silicon Valley Stanley provides factual history not only social but technological as well and he’s organized the book by describing the major waves of migration into the Valley starting from WWIIAs for Stanley himself he’s openly Christian and has seemingly absorbed the progressive culture of Silicon Valley but maintains a centrist POV for the most part He’s an excellent writer editor and publisher in that he researches cites and edits content very well and in doing so improves the reputation of indie authors ►WHAT DIDN’T YOU LIKE ABOUT THIS BOOK?I think the image on the cover is good; however he could have done so much with the font used in the title►DO YOU RECOMMEND THIS BOOK TO OTHERS?If you were born and raised in Silicon Valley and you are of any adult age then you will really enjoy reading this book I encourage people to buy it and give it to all those who fled the Valley a couple of decades ago This book as well as Stanley’s The Last of the Prune Pickers would be great reuired reading for California history coursesBy the way if you attend the Santa Clara art and wine festival you may be able to meet Stanley and have him sign a copy of the book for you That’s how I obtained my copy

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    I highly recommend this book

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