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Fool's Paradise England 1586Tarleton is 28 and Elizabeth is 19When Beth flees a marriage to an evil man she finds herself alone and the road and hires a kind jester to take her to hr godmother the ueen The chemistry between BethRobin and Tarleton is great The antics they go thru are wonderful and full of fun Great plot All the while the jilted bride groom hunts for Robin all over haha I am glad Sir Robert got his in the end I loved the characters of Phillip the Dr and Jonathan the lawyer They were fun young and a great side addition even though you didn't see them until near the end view spoilerThe plot at the end with Beth marrying Sir Robert Tarleton hanging for treason the ueens hand in all that and then the end to the evil villian was great Well played plot I was sad to see the plot at the end so short in nature but it was still good I was disappointed that once at court Beth thinks that Tarleton was so easily over her Stupid woman Even though she didn't know the ueen forbid him to ask of her or see her she still should have had faith in the love Tarleton professed Why are the women in theses books so easily ready to just think their men don't love them hide spoiler I loved this book I own it and would definitely read it than once when i get a chance So romantic Intrigue and escape in a medieval setting The hero is jester to Good ueen Bess and the heroine is goddaughter to the ueen The heroine hires the jester to take her to Hampton Court to the protection of her godmother after her betrothed murders her father to force an immediate wedding and inherit riches The jester disguises her as his apprentice boy and they encounter many adventures on their way to the ueen Torn apart by their stations in life how the jester wins his lady and defeats the villain is exciting and original I highly recommend it great book to undwind to after finals generally a good laugh yay for trashy romance novels I'm not a big reader of romance novels but this was great The twist of the male lead being areal historical figure just adds to it Well worth the read This was really good It was fun and funny It had interesting characters and I wanted to read it forever This is my favorite book 'Twas no laughing matterWhen fleeing an odious arranged match the Lady Elizabeth Hayward found herself under the protection of famed court jester Richard Tarleton But even disguised as the fool's boy apprentice there was no hiding the fact that she'd fallen hopelessly in loveThough Tarleton's ready wit had won him royal favor his tongue was tied in the presence of the sweet voiced Elizabeth—at least about things that truly mattered For how could he offer the ueen's own goddaughter a gift so lowly as his own foolish heart Just when I thought I had read the worse book ever I read this one very good easy read Didnt expect the twist at the end not your typical romance novel very good I would recommend

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