Garfield Life to the Fullest #34 Garfield Numbered

Garfield Life to the Fullest #34 Garfield Numbered Paperback MAKE WAY FOR GARFIELDThe tubby tabby is back and he's livin' larger than ever So whether he's enveloping Pooky in his Herculean hug arguing with the talking scale or munching on his masterpiece the Leaning Tower of Pizza GARFIELD's motto is always the same Bigger IS better

  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Garfield Life to the Fullest #34 Garfield Numbered Paperback
  • Jim Davis
  • English
  • 01 November 2016
  • 9780345432391

About the Author: Jim Davis

James Robert Jim Davis is an American cartoonist who created the popular comic strip Garfield Other comics that he has worked on are Tumbleweeds Gnorm Gnat Slapstick and a strip about Mr Potato HeadJim Davis was born in Fairmount Indiana near Marion where he grew up on a small farm with his father James William Davis mother Anna Catherine Carter Davis brother Dave and 25 cats Davi

10 thoughts on “Garfield Life to the Fullest #34 Garfield Numbered Paperback

  1. LadyS LadyS says:

    I always enjoy reading Garfield What an obnoxious yet entertaining cat

  2. Bianca Bianca says:

    I love Garfield

  3. Christine Rains Christine Rains says:

    Reading through the Garfield books with my 85 year old son We're both fans of the fat cat

  4. Meg McGregor Meg McGregor says:

    This is a collection of Garfield comics; as usual very funny and can still make me laughHere are my favoritesChristmas is my favorite holiday and I enjoyed the comic where Garfield said Peace on earth and good will towards men Odie taps him on the shoulder; Garfield looks at Odie puts his arm around him and says Dogs tooI think it was very funny when Jon is staring at the phone and finally yellsRing Garfield looks up and says So how's YOUR Friday night going?I walk my dog Mistletoe everyday so I can relate to this comic Garfield asks Odie Do you want to go for a walk Odie? Do you? Huh? Odie is jumping up and down all excited Garfield then walks away and says Well don't be gone longAnd my favorite one is when Jon says Cats are mysterious creatures Garfield smiles and says Years ago somebody lost the operator's manual

  5. Iggy Igwell Iggy Igwell says:

    Garfield watches the Binky the Clown show

  6. Kim Kim says:

    Book #34 Typical Garfield The fat cat turns 20

  7. Little Miss and the Legomeister Little Miss and the Legomeister says:

    Legomeister loves the Garfield books

  8. Ane Ane says:

    Gotta love Jon's scariest dates section in the back Poor guy so unlucky in love But too funny for the rest of us haha

  9. Rhulain Rhulain says:

    comic lovers this is the best garfield ever cocentration on holiday and season

  10. Željko Filipin Željko Filipin says:

    Garfield eats remote control by mistake

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