An Introduction to Numerical Methods A MATLAB Approach PDF

An Introduction to Numerical Methods A MATLAB Approach Numerical methods are a mainstay of researchers and professionals across the many mathematics scientific and engineering disciplines The importance of these methods combined with the power and widespread availability of desktop computers virtually demands that students in these fields be well versed not only in the numerical techniues but also in the use of a modern computational software package An Introduction to Numerical Methods A MATLAB Approach fulfills both these needs Reuiring only calculus and some basic programming concepts as background it introduces readers to the theory and applications of the most commonly used techniues for solving numerical problems on a personal computer It covers a wide range of useful algorithms each presented with full details so that readers can visualize and interpret each step The enclosed CD ROM contains simple MATLAB functions that provide step by step explanations of the mechanisms behind the algorithm for each techniue and guide readers through the necessary calculations Emphasis on understanding how the methods work a simple direct style and thorough coverage make this book an outstanding initiation that allows students to see almost immediate results It will boost their confidence in their ability to master the subject and give them valuable experience in the use of MATLAB

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