Killian's Passion PDF ✓ Paperback

Killian's Passion I love Harleuins Cara has found the grandson of a dear friend He was abandoned as an infant and his adoptive parents were killed when he was a young child Over 30 years later his grandmother has never given up Killian has been alone for most of his life He has no family and has grown to like it that way Until he meets Cara And now someone is trying to kill her He will protect her But will he learn to believe in family Always a HEA Excellent romance great plot even though a little predictable great characters but super well written güzeldiama kısa geldi THE MILLIONAIRE'S MISSION Killian Shawnessy was arrogant imposingand worth a bundle And it was up to feisty Cara Sinclair to deliver the brooding heir to his long lost family Yet after locating the mysterious millionaire Cara discovered the sexy loner's true passion did not lie in his secret fortune What he really desired washer In Killian's strong embrace Cara's long repressed desires were metand mastered Yet too soon she realized her dream lover's mind wasn't on marriage but on a hush hush mission he'd sworn to fulfill Could Cara prove to Killian that power of love before their hourglass ran out

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