A Hero's Redemption Silhouette Intimate Moments MOBI

A Hero's Redemption Silhouette Intimate Moments He was living on borrowed time— Caught in a supernatural time shift Dane Maguire was transported back to the week of Calla Jones's death He'd be falsely convicted of murder again if he couldn't stop the past from repeating itself Dane didn't count on his attraction for Calla The owner of a Christmas tree farm she'd sheltered him from a raging blizzard but even the cold couldn't stop the heat between them Was this a second chance or a cruel joke played by their enemies Calla and Dane had two days to discover the truth—and each other—or history would repeat itself and Calla would die

10 thoughts on “A Hero's Redemption Silhouette Intimate Moments

  1. Janet Janet says:

    SRS #1485 25 starsJust for future knowledge the cover didn't at all reflect the story The Hero never had a gun and not in a profession that he had one before things started either and the heroine only had one when she picked up the villians gun at the end I think the cover is very misleading

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