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Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline personality disorder is a severe and complex psychiatric condition that until recently many considered nearly untreatable But this optimistic guide to BPD provides information that will bring newfound hope to those who have this painful disorder and to their family and friendsPeople with borderline personality disorder have problems coping with almost everything and therefore anything can provoke them to impulsive actions angry outbursts and self destructive behaviors Their personal relationships are simultaneously overly dependent and strained if not openly hostile and freuently explosive Incorporating the latest research and thinking on the disorder Johns Hopkins psychiatrists Francis Mark Mondi and Patrick Kelly conceptualize it in an original way They explain that symptoms are the result of biological and behavioral problems extremes of temperament and impaired psychological coping all of which may have a relationship with traumatic life eventsThe authors advocate a therapeutic approach incorporating compassion and optimism in the face of what is often a tumultuous disease With proper treatment people with borderline personality disorder can enjoy long remissions and improved uality of life

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  1. Cara Cara says:

    Long clinical psychology book But it was worth the read It definitely helps people with BPD understand the disease better Borderline Personality Disorder is strikingly similar to Bipolar Disorder and it's extremely difficult and often misdiagnosed for Bipolar Disorder As a person who has been diagnosed with both BPD and Bipolar while they share a lot of the same attributes they are also very different and acutely strenuous irritating exhausting and confusing to deal with on a day to day basis It also takes its tole on relationships of all kinds and life in general So having some insight as to the mechanism of the chemicals of the brain does help to an extent The brain is a weird and oddly mysterious organ I recommend this to anyone interested in this disorder—the differences between BPD and Bipolar Or anyone interested in psychology in general

  2. Anna Lingelser Anna Lingelser says:

    A good and clear technical guide as to what BPD is what causes it as well as a solid exploration of treatment options and symptom managementThis book is clinical in its approach and focus It explores Freudian attachment and object relations theories as potential contributors to BPD and its common co morbidities depression bipolar disorder PTSD eating disorders self mutilation alcoholism and other addictionsThis is primarily a guide for people that have been diagnosed with BPD their therapists their partners and their immediate caregivers It is not a particularly suitable guide for people that deal with the behaviour of BPD sufferers outside of these roles

  3. Lilly Ann Wolvesley Lilly Ann Wolvesley says:

    I purchased this book along with another about BPD to try and gain some insight as to why a psychiatrist of a local hospital and his staff were bent on convincing me that I had BPD The book offers personal accounts in addition to the diagnostic criteria In reading the book I found that and of the stories sounded like my mother When she was in a better place I gave the books to her She has since been able to be treated appropriately for her conditions I really recommend this book especially because it is published by John’s Hopkins University Press

  4. Fred Kohn Fred Kohn says:

    Much technical than I Hate You Don't Leave Me Understanding the Borderline Personality I think one could get by with reading either one or the other depending on how one handles in depth material Although this book has far information than the Kreisman book I don't regret having read them both

  5. Anna Anna says:

    This book is scientific than Stop Walking on Eggshells and is better suited for a therapist or doctor than a family member The fact based approach is handy but I wanted hands on information and stopped reading about a uarter of the way through

  6. hhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhh says:

    The sections titled Managing an Employee Who Has BPD and Working with Someone Who Has BPD are absolutely spot on and were very helpful They are free to view on Google Books

  7. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    A lot clinical than I was hoping for rather than information on dealing with interpersonal relationships with people with BPD

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